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Over A bowl of Ramen

A themed challenge naruto community

A 50 themed Naruto Community
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Welcome to 50_shinobi a friendly, low pressure themed challenge community inspired by 30_kisses and the many like it. The twist, this comm is dedicated only to Naruto!

**looking for someone interested in making community graphics. (icons, banners, etc)


01.“This is my way as a ninja” 02.deep fried vegetables 03.tossing a coin 04.Inner demons 05.your precious someone
06.bandage 07.shrimp 08.Hokage (or any of the ‘Kages) 09.“Ready, Steady, Go!” 10.thunderstorm
11.Lady Luck 12.tadpole 13.tricycle 14.hair clip 15.steam engine
16.bingo book 17.hopscotch 18.Dreams 19.applesauce 20.springtime of youth
21.“BAKA!” (stupid, idiot) 22.cathedral 23.cabbage patch 24.Icha Icha Paradise 25.Pitter-patter
26.potato chips 27.violin 28.blood limit 29.Leap of faith 30.flirt
31.sexy no jutsu 32.Hunter-nin 33.hair dryer 34.Puppeteer 35.shinobi
36.fiesta 37.training 38.Sing me a song (songfic of your choice) 39.silk kimono 40.heart strings
41.Rivals 42.panic button 43.ink blotch 44.pebble 45.ribbon
46.Brick wall 47.soap suds (bubble) 48.paper fan 49.Curtain call (the final act) 50.Ramen

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